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ThePlayChannel has joined Amity Games and Amity3D to become part of the Western Star Entertainment family. Our game development work will continue under the Amity Games umbrella. Our Principia development platform is now part of the Amity3D Game Engine. And our players will see more, better games!

We are an independent game developer specializing in high-quality strategy and casual games. Our titles have received several industry nominations and distinctions, and are available worldwide from over 600 distributors in 11 languages. We are deeply grateful to our fans who made this possible. Thank you for playing!

Magic Haven casual match-3 game preview

Magic Haven

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In this gorgeous adventure, you solve match-3 puzzles to free the magic creatures from the evil wizard Imhotep and to build them a safe haven in a beautiful far-away land.

Make your way through over 100 feature-rich levels where you will be called to mix potions, pick locks, make magic orbs and much more - in order to outwit Imhotep's minions, and foil his curses.

Magic Haven is simply the most beautiful and enchanting match-3 game to come out in recent years. Do not miss it!

Rating: Clean game for everyone!
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Bubblenauts: The Hunt For
Jolly Roger's Treasure

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Head south on board of H.M.S. Bubblenaut in search of undersea treasure and sunfull bliss.

You will meet a wild mix of good and bad bubbles, and acquire an impressive array of special powers in this elegant and smart bubble puzzler.

Bubblenauts was nominated as a finalist in the GameTreeTV Developer Competition, and featured at CasualConnect.

Rating: Clean game for everyone!
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Word War III | Strategy

Get Word War III full version free, the best PC strategy game
Boss around a team of word-building robots to create a settlement where each letter does a different job, and is simulated in exquisite detail.

Enjoy an unforgettable strategy experience as you build a rich industrial complex with powerful vectors of destruction, while balancing letter mix and exploting terrain features.

Word War III is full of never-seen-before elements, and is acclaimed as one of the most innovative games of the decade.

Rating: Clean game for everyone!
Download: Word War III for Windows
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Word War III
Desert Storm Edition

Get Word War III full version free, the best PC strategy game
The lastest edition in the Word War III series offers a completely new environment while remaining faithful to the unique game mechanics that have won accolades from around the world.
  • New environment for your robots to romp in
  • New resource system
  • Smarter, more aggressive AI
  • Rebalanced economic model
  • Seven brand new, mind-bending scenarios
Rating: Clean game for everyone!
Download: Word War III Desert Storm
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Word War III
12-Volt Edition

Get Word War III 12-Volt Edition Free Trial
This faster and simpler take on the Word War III theme is designed to enchant casual gamers, while surprising traditional fans with a different strategic experience. Tired of lining up crystals? Try the unique gameplay of Word War III in a very accessible format.
  • Straighforward economic model
  • Only two types of buildings
  • Single resource industry
  • Easier and simpler combat
Rating: Clean game for everyone!
Download: Word War III 12-Volt
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Coming Soon: Spectacular Games For Awesome People!

Please stay tuned for our upcoming 2016 titles (copyright pre-registered 2016 Western Star Entertainment LLC):


Linux Releases!

Cosmoids strategy game preview
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Linux has gained tremendous popularity with just the type of savvy player who enjoys our games. We are completing the port of our game engine to two of the main Linux distros (Ubuntu and Fedora); and our games will follow soon thereafter.

Starting in 2016, most of our games will be available on Linux as unlockable free trial games (Linux Penguin logo is copyright by Larry Ewing, Simon Budig, Anja Gerwinski, released under the Creative Commons license).

Cosmoids | Strategy

Cosmoids strategy game preview
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What would our universe look like if the laws of physics were different? Cosmoids places you in command of space exploration and colonization in just such a universe...

Forge into the unknown reaches of outer space with Cosmoids, and discover a fascinating environment and highly original gameplay.

Adventures in Life | Strategy

Adventures in life strategy game preview
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You start as a simple, single cell, with the potential to grow into bigger and better things. That is, provided you can avoid the hungry predators and catch the tasty morsels of protoplasm floating in your little pond. Prepare to engage in hormone-pounding chemical shootouts to absorb the genes of your victims into your somatic make-up!

Amazoo | Casual

Amazoo casual game preview
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Amazoo is a unique blend of zoo simulation and match-3 casual play. Meander you way through over 200 adventurous levels to collect rare specimens, develop a beautiful zoo, and take care of your animals.

Along the way, you will visit breath-taking locales, solve ingenious puzzles, and learn about the richness of the natural kingdom. Amazoo features several innovations to the classical match-3 and zoo sim mechanics that are guaranteed to please and tease you for days on end.


Past Forward: Our Classic Game is Back!

Our first game, Bubble Bath II, was released in 2005 to considerable acclaim from players and critics. It introduced the match-N real-time puzzle mechanics to the match-3 games casual genre. By popular demand, Bubble Bath II is back, and has been updated for Windows Desktop with a new euphoria soundtrack.


Bubble Bath II | Arcade

Get Bubble Bath II full version free, the best arcade game for Windows
It this a bubble game? Is this a collapse game? Who cares - it's just so fun to play!

Bubble Bath II will spellbind you with its simple but deep gameplay, rich visuals and sound, and the many ingenious twists of a proven recipe.

Warning - this is one of the most addictive games of all times!

Rating: Clean game for everyone!
Download: Bubble Bath II for Windows
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A Message From Our Lead Developer

I have spent countless hours playing Magic Haven, Word War III, Bubblenauts... not just for fun, but as my job. How to keep a game entertaining after so long? How to make a quality product that stands out among the many other excellent games out there? You decide whether we have found the right answers, and made one of those games that you remember.

Strategy, word and arcade games can be not only fun, but also useful. Are you looking for spelling games that are rich and addicting at the same time? We tried to achieve this with Word War III. Are you searching for cool games for girls? Bubble Bath II may be for you. Do you seek new games that break the mold of the industry and try something different? You have come to the right place - see for yourself.

Our titles are quality-tested and exempt of nagging ads or spyware. And best of all, you can download the full version free for Windows Desktop or Surface, and play each game for an hour. If you like it, please come back and purchase a code to unlock the game for unlimited play. On behalf of the entire Western Star Entertainment team - Thank You!